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Ever have the idea that 9-5 just isn’t for you?

Are you tired of working day in day out and after expenses, inflation, interest and taxes having hardly anything left over?

Do you like the idea of living and working in an awesome location with a low cost of living?

Living a life on your own terms is easier than ever! By taking full advantage of available options, making money doing what YOU enjoy and choosing where YOU want to live. This will also open you up to little known tax advantages that the wealthy have been using for decades. By combining these tax advantages with living in a place with a lower cost of living you can effectively increase your income drastically overnight.

This is not only possible but easier than you think. In fact there are LOTS of expats that are living their dream life RIGHT NOW.

We put together this video course to help you walk through the process of putting all the pieces together. The video tutorials are easy to understand and updated to keep the information up to date and accurate.

Along with the course is a forum of people that are in all stages of living a borderless life as well as access to our rolodex of recommended professionals throughout the world that can help you establish yourself as an international citizen.

Become an Internationalization Expert

The Videos


Online income

Find out how to travel the world and make money too.



World-wide up to date information.



Investing intelligently while borderless (real estate, stocks, gold, etc.).


Foreign Real Estate

When investing makes sense, and a checklist to do it right!

Video Tutorials include:

The Basics

  • Connector.

    5 Must Read Books

    To get a full idea of what it means to live a Borderless lifestyle these are the top five books that explain the philosophy.

  • Connector.

    A New Approach to Housing

    There are many new resources that are available in today’s environment. Learn how to take advantage of these resources by getting more with less.

  • Connector.

    Setting up a Traveling Mailbox

    Learn how to keep a mailbox while traveling to accept mail, packages or even checks to be deposited..

  • Connector.

    Find your dream destination

    The steps to find your dream destination and contact others that are already there.


  • Connector.

    Why you need a foreign bank account?

    There are many things that are beneficial about opening a foreign bank account.

  • Connector.

    The best countries for banking

    What are the best countries for banking and why? Every country isn’t for everybody.


  • Connector.

    Why buy gold?

    Learn the right way to think of holding gold and other precious metals.

  • Connector.

    Where to hide your gold

    Once you have physical gold what do you do with it? We’ll give you some tips on how to hide it.

  • Connector.

    Kinds of gold storage

    Paper or physical? Allocated or unallocated? We’ll answer those questions as well as what kind we recommend.

  • Connector.

    Benefits of owning foreign real estate

    Discover real estate investment benefits unavailable with other assets.

  • Connector.

    Foreign real estate checklist

    Be sure you’re covered by using this real estate checklist.

Tax Strategy

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    Learn about the tax strategies that actually work

    An hour long webinar with Michael Menzies on compliance in the age of FATCA and Obamacare and the details of how the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion can be used by expats.

Online income

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    Learn about freelancing and some of the tactics people are using to make a living this way.

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    Should I start a blog?

    Weighing the pros and cons of starting a blog.

  • Connector.

    Fail-proof your business

    How to do the right market research that will make make sure your online business will be a success.

  • Connector.

    Choose a domain name

    How to choose the right domain name that will be picked up by the right search engine results.

  • Connector.

    How to start a blog in 5 minutes

    Starting a blog the right way is easy if you have the right instructions.

  • Connector.

    Start building your most valuable asset

    Learn how to make thousands of people happy to give you their information so that they can hear from you.

  • Connector.

    Monetize your blog

    The top ways for you to make a living with your blog.


  • Connector.

    Why get a second passport?

    Learn about freelancing and some of the tactics people are using to make a living this way.

  • Connector.

    Can I have two citizenships?

    Learn about the laws around multiple passports and if you are eligible to hold more than one.

  • Connector.

    How to get a second passport

    There are only a number of ways to legitimately get a second passport. Learn abut the good ones and those to stay away from.

  • Connector.

    Why people renounce their citizenship

    Learn the reason that people are increasingly renouncing their citizenship and why you may want to think about doing the same.

  • Connector.

    Covered vs uncovered expatriot

    This designation makes a big difference for those that are considering renouncing US citizenship. Find out which one you would be.

  • Connector.

    Panama: Friendly Nations Visa

    Known as one of the best residency programs available, learn all you need to know about applying, and secure professional contacts to help you navigate the process.

What’s Inside the Forums

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    Connect with established expats

    Thinking of taking a trip or even moving somewhere? Get in touch with people before you go to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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    Powerful Contacts

    You will have access to a rolodex of businessmen, investors and digital nomads whose introduction could be priceless.

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    We will NEVER share your information with anyone. You can use aliases and don’t need to use a picture if you don’t want to.

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    Jobs and Opportunities

    A classifieds section for job, business and investment opportunities exclusively for our community.

We Have Members All Over the World With More Joining us Every Day!

Some of our members

James Guzman

Co-host of the borderless podcast and writer for several publications on financial internationalization.

Scott Oliver

A world traveler and author of several books on life and expatriation to Costa Rica.

Mark Peters

Private Banking, Wealth Management and Asset Management Executive in Abu Dhabi.

Barry Solomon

A perpetual traveler who has found his home helping fellow freedom lovers escape to the Dominican Republic.

Greg Bugiak

Runs several businesses helping those who want to easily move and invest Taiwan.

Gonzalo Gomez

A native of Uruguay who specializes in helping establish residency and citizenship in his country.

The Borderless Network Facebook group

If you use Facebook then you won’t want to be left out of our Borderless Network Facebook group. In it you will get access to the Borderless crew as well as the rest of the members. This is where we make event announcements and give our members time to promote what they are doing.


Get direct access to our powerful list of international contacts. We have recommended contacts with expertise in the following fields plus many more!

  • Residence and Citizenship planning
  • Central American Real Estate
  • Expat Medical Insurance
  • Investing in Precious Metals
  • Setting up Estonian E-residency
  • Registering with Co-working space in the Cayman Islands
  • Moving and establishing residency in Panama, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, etc

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